Wunderkind Weekly – Using Local Facebook Groups to Grow Your Business

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Hello everyone!

This week, I’d like to talk about Facebook groups. They may be a less-considered marketing method, but they are one of my go-to recommendations for starting businesses.

When we think about selling, the local audience is our direct target, and the local community Facebook groups are a great place to promote the business. They can help you attract new customers and retain existing ones with exclusive content, community, and support.

Around 1.8 billion people claim to use Facebook Groups every month. These online communities allow businesses to bypass Facebook’s strict news feed algorithm and engage with an audience more likely to view and interact with your brand’s posts. Here is what you should know about the benefits that Facebook Groups can offer your business.

Using group posts instead of page posts makes increasing your organic reach on Facebook easier since it prioritizes group posts in users’ news feeds.

Contributing valuable insights and assistance within these groups establishes your business as a trusted authority, fostering goodwill and enhancing brand credibility.

These platforms provide invaluable opportunities to glean feedback directly from your target demographic, enabling you to fine-tune your offerings and better cater to local preferences.

The power of active engagement in local communities, including Facebook groups, can significantly enhance your brand’s presence and drive tangible business results.

Be careful with the frequency and quality of posts you are sharing in local groups. The group audiences are very sensitive to spam and too much self-promotion. Make your posts feel organic, relatable, and engaging. Generic content won’t do well.

I hope this was helpful. At Wunderkind Marketing, we find ways to increase our clients’ engagement daily, and this is an excellent idea that you can try yourself!

Take care,

Jan Ziegler

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