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Premier Hoops Academy

Premier Hoops Academy is the leading private basketball lesson provider in the greater Boston Metro Area. We helped Premier Hoops redefine their brand and develop an engagement online presence on both their website and social media profiles.

Keene Marketing Agency A website design for a trucking company.

web design | print media | social media

Brattleboro Portable Storage

Brattleboro Portable Storage is the most popular and best-rated provider of portable storage solutions in Vermont, New Hampshire and Western Massachusetts. We have re-designed their website, optimized for SEO and PPC and manage their Social Media to create visually engaging and educational content around their offerings. 

branding | web design

Ponte Travels

Ponte Travels is a boutique travel agency based in Washington D.C. They aim to build bridges between cultures, connecting travelers with local communities and unique destinations worldwide. Their services include full custom itinerary planning, safe transportation, boutique accommodations, travel insurance, 24-hour local support, exclusive access, and local guides. 

Keene Marketing Agency A computer screen displaying a travel website created by Keene Digital Marketing, a marketing agency based in New Hampshire.
Keene Marketing Agency A website design for a trucking company.

branding | web design | photography | social media

MMGM Jewelry

MMGM Jewelry, part of the Maine Mineral and Gem Museum, features a unique collection of handcrafted pieces by incredible artists. These exclusive, one-of-a-kind jewelry items are made with gemstones mined in Maine, celebrating local craftsmanship and geological treasures​​. The museum’s store offers a diverse range of products beyond jewelry, including educational kits, books, home goods, and meteorite specimens, aiming to support the museum while bringing a piece of Maine’s geological heritage into homes.

web design | SEO | PPC | Social Media

Norm’s Ski & Bike

Norm’s Ski and Bike Shop is a trusted local retailer offering a wide selection of skis, bicycles, gear, and expert advice for enthusiasts.


Keene Marketing Agency A website design for a trucking company.

branding | web design | photography | social media

Cassin Jewelry

Cassin Jewelry offers handmade, made-to-order jewelry using bold gemstones and precious metals. We’ve been helping them revitalize their online store and creating engaging funnels on social media and email to activate their longtime audience.

Keene Marketing Agency A pilates room equipped with a variety of equipment, located in Keene, New Hampshire.
Keene Marketing Agency Two men in suits sitting in a room at Keene's marketing agency.

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At Wunderkind Marketing, we’re more than just a digital agency; we’re your creative collaborators. With a history of crafting exceptional digital experiences, we’ve partnered with businesses across diverse industries. From innovative startups to established brands, our portfolio showcases our dedication to design, digital marketing, strategy, and more. Explore our work and join us in shaping your brand’s success.


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Our journey has seen us collaborate with a wide range of clients, each with their unique challenges and ambitions. Whether it’s helping forward-thinking startups realize their groundbreaking ideas or assisting established brands in their digital transformation, our portfolio reflects the diversity of industries and aspirations we’ve served.


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At Wunderkind Marketing, we excel in strategic brilliance, creative design, digital marketing mastery, innovation, and delivering measurable results. We meticulously plan each campaign to align with your business goals, craft visually stunning designs, master the digital marketing landscape, stay ahead of industry trends, and ensure that every effort delivers measurable, data-driven results. Explore our portfolio to see how our expertise has shaped digital success stories.

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