Unlock the Power of Your Email List with These 5 Newsletter Components

Keene Marketing Agency 5 components of a great newsletter from Keene Marketing Agency in New Hampshire.

Do you find yourself neglecting your email list, unsure of how to tap into its potential? If so, you’re missing out on a golden opportunity to nurture warm leads through engaging newsletters.

But why is this so important?

According to HubSpot, a staggering 77% of marketers have witnessed a surge in email engagement over the past year. Plus, research shows that smartphone users prefer brand communications through email. If you’re ready to harness the power of newsletters but need some creative inspiration, let’s dissect our highest-performing newsletter to date. We’ll unravel its content and explore the key components that will supercharge your email engagement.

1. Craft an Irresistible Subject Line and Preview Text

Your newsletter’s subject line is the gatekeeper to engagement. It’s the first thing that entices your subscribers to open and explore the email. While you should avoid clickbait tactics, you must include a teaser, question, or intriguing statement that captures their attention.

For instance, our newsletter’s subject line, “I’m Launching Something New…,” left subscribers curious and eager to uncover this exciting revelation. This led to an impressive open rate of 46.2%, soaring above the industry average of 17.38% (according to Mailchimp). Clearly, the subject line played a pivotal role in drawing in subscribers.

Don’t overlook the preview text—it’s equally vital. This one-liner, right after the subject line, is your second chance to pique your audience’s curiosity.

2. Kickstart with an Introduction Paragraph

Start your newsletter with a warm and welcoming introduction. Give your subscribers a brief overview of what they can expect in the email. Personalize it by using merge tags, as demonstrated in the example above.

If possible, conclude your introduction with a question. Encouraging engagement is the goal here!

3. Design an Easy-to-Read Layout

While an aesthetically pleasing design is essential, readability should remain a priority. A disjointed email layout can confuse your readers and might even prompt them to close the email prematurely. That’s the last thing you want.

Create an email format that’s visually pleasing, clear, and engaging. Consider experimenting with different layouts to find what resonates best with your audience. In our case, switching from paragraph-based emails to a “digest” style featuring headers, paragraphs, and buttons significantly boosted performance.

4. Include Multiple Calls-to-Action (CTAs)

Remember, your newsletter’s primary purpose is to prompt action. Whether it’s encouraging readers to:

  • Dive into a blog post
  • Schedule a consultation call
  • Fill out a form
  • Or something else entirely

It’s crucial to include multiple calls-to-action (CTAs) throughout the email. Don’t rely on a single CTA; provide your subscribers with numerous opportunities to engage. Our newsletters typically feature a minimum of three buttons and multiple links, ensuring that readers have ample chances to click through. This approach led to an impressive 2.1% click-through rate.

5. Conclude with a Closing Paragraph

Just like an essay’s conclusion, wrap up your newsletter with a closing paragraph. Summarize key points from the email and communicate the next steps to your audience.

The closing paragraph should also include a CTA and a thought-provoking question, mirroring the introduction. Keep in mind that in marketing, what works for one may not work for all. Conduct thorough testing to uncover what resonates most with your subscribers, and adapt your email marketing strategy accordingly.

Unlock the potential of your email list by implementing these five essential newsletter components. Engage your audience, nurture leads, and watch your email marketing efforts thrive!

If you don’t know where to start or have nowhere near the capacity necessary to implement an email marketing strategy or other marketing ideas, we would be happy to help you! Wunderkind Marketing has been helping home service businesses, retail businesses and other companies in the Keene and Brattleboro area achieve their marketing goals.

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With over a decade of online marketing experience in the agency space as well as in the Real Estate Industry, Jan has delivered results for many small and medium size businesses. At wunderkind, Jan heads up accounts and provides overall marketing strategy.

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