Case Study | Register Family Farm

Creating Engaging Organic Social Media Content

Keene Marketing Agency A smartphone displaying a social media post about bees, with text indicating a 350% increase in organic reach. The Register Family Bee Farm logo is shown at the bottom left of the image.
The Client

Register Family Farm is a family and veteran-owned beekeeping farm in Northwest Florida. They produce premium honey and artisan products, such as Tupelo honey or skincare products; they are dedicated to excellence and have created a range of high-quality products that reflect their passion and commitment.

The Challenge

Register Family Farm wanted to improve its social media presence by highlighting its family history and values and distinguishing itself from competitors with quality products. Their main goals were to increase brand awareness and engagement through organic strategies. Our team focused on creating engaging messaging aligned with the brand’s voice and objectives. 

The Solution
  • Our social media strategy focuses on combining aesthetics and storytelling to increase brand awareness and engagement, highlighting the business’s core identity.
  • We boost social media appeal by adding an aesthetic look and feel and captivating photos for an authentic look.
  • We strategically use social ads to increase engagement and reach by targeting key posts.

We tracked and analyzed vital metrics, such as reach, followers, and engagement rate, to measure brand perception and enhance our strategy.

The Results


Our tailored social media strategy delivered outstanding outcomes for Register Family Farm:

  • We successfully boosted the reach of Facebook and Instagram by 326.62%, amplifying the brand’s online presence.
  • Our compelling content drove a 14% increase in followers, fostering a larger online community and elevating brand visibility.
  • Also, our engagement efforts resulted in a 333.27% increase in interactions such as likes, comments, and shares, enhancing audience engagement and brand interaction.
  • Leveraging strategic social ads, we achieved xx% higher click-through rates and conversions, maximizing brand exposure and driving meaningful actions.
Keene Marketing Agency A Facebook post from Register Family Farm about Tupelo Honey, featuring a photo of a swampy area with trees and standing water.
Keene Marketing Agency A chart showing Instagram growth with 206.45% increase in reach, 107.16% increase in page likes, 61.47% increase in interactions, and 140.38% increase in followers.
Keene Marketing Agency Performance metrics: 120.17% growth in reach, 37.04% rise in page views, 7.94% increase in impressions, and 192.89% growth in interactions.
Keene Marketing Agency A tilted smartphone displays an Instagram profile with grid-view posts. Behind it are promotional banners featuring products like honey, soap, and cheese, including a "Mother's Day Sale" ad.