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Grow your HVAC Business

As a business owner in the heating and cooling industry, you understand the necessity of making your services easily accessible to potential customers. Partnering with Wunderkind allows you to engage your target audience effectively and transform them into dedicated clients.

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Marketing built for your HVAC Company

When running a HVAC business, the last thing you want to worry about is your marketing performance. That’s where we come in. We handle the marketing strategy, website development, and marketing campaigns while you focus on building a best-in-class heating and cooling business.

Reach the customers you want with a heating and cooling marketing plan designed specifically to help you achieve your business goals. Wunderkind empowers you with cutting-edge technology, like AI Chat and Google updates, plus tools that handle your website, advertising, and so much more.

Plus, you get the support of a dedicated team of experts who truly know your industry.

At Wunderkind, we make sure you know how your marketing dollars drive leads to your business.

Our team keeps a pulse on the latest marketing trends and technology to help you outperform your competitors while providing you with clear, detailed reporting so you know where your budget is going.

Put your hvac marketing needs in the hands of the experts so you can get back to running your best business.

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HVAC marketing tips and tricks

Keene Marketing Agency A technician in a hard hat and uniform inspects an industrial air conditioning unit in a facility.

How to get started with HVAC Marketing

Advancing your hvac business beyond the competition involves more than just diligence. It requires the integration of marketing strategies to stay current in the rapidly changing digital landscape. As increasing numbers of people turn to their smartphones to locate home service providers, it’s essential to learn how to ensure your business is the first one they find. Discover here the ways to make your business more visible.


Why is website development critical for heating & cooling companies?

Your hvac website acts as the initial point of contact for prospective clients when they require your services. Given the urgency usually associated with hvac issues, most visitors to your site are likely seeking immediate assistance.

It’s crucial to prominently display essential information. This includes whether you provide services to residential or commercial properties—or both, the types of hvac you manage, contact details, and whether technicians are available for dispatch within 24 hours or if an appointment is needed. Additionally, detailing the methods and substances used for hvac servicing is beneficial, as clients are often concerned about the safety of treatments used in their environments.

Your website should be in a state of constant improvement. Neglecting regular updates and maintenance can lead to poor performance in search engine rankings. Integrating target keywords and updating content regularly are key strategies for enhancing visibility on search engines. Ensure that your website includes a clear list of hvac you treat, along with straightforward calls to action. Including quotes, reviews, referrals, and details about your team will further enrich your site.


What does search engine optimization entail?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a technique that involves using specific keywords on your website to align with the terms and queries that search engine algorithms prioritize during searches. By matching your website content to the searches of potential customers, your site is more likely to appear on the first page of search results—a critical position for any business.

To optimize for local searches, register your business with Google My Business to ensure Google recognizes your presence and location. Incorporate relevant keywords into your content that potential customers might use, such as symptoms of a bedbug infestation or the speed of your response to hvac emergencies.

Research indicates that many people use terms like ‘near me’ when searching for services online. Clearly state your location and service areas on your website. Combining local SEO tactics with valuable content on your site should lead to favorable search engine rankings.


What is digital advertising?

Digital advertising encompasses online promotional activities like landing pages, eBooks, social media ads, and campaigns designed to enhance brand awareness and boost sales. As digital device usage grows, maintaining an online presence is just as vital for your hvac business as having a physical presence.

Utilize local service ads to target your ideal customers and grow your booking list. For a local business like yours, it’s important to target ads to potential clients within your service area. Establish your brand’s voice, style, and theme before launching your campaigns to ensure consistency and recognition.


Should you engage in social media marketing?

Social media offers a rapid channel for engaging with potential clients. Many people might inquire directly on your social media posts about your services, what pests you handle, and your response times.

Social media also allows you to quickly respond to customer inquiries, enhancing trust in your brand. While hvac topics may not typically go viral, maintaining an active social media presence is essential.

What is included in content marketing? Content marketing involves creating and distributing digital content like videos, blogs, eBooks, podcasts, and newsletters to engage your audience. This content can be a focal point for your SEO efforts.

As a hvac expert, you’re familiar with common client questions and concerns. Use this knowledge to create informative content that addresses these areas. Choose your media wisely, plan your content strategy—including market research to understand what your audience seeks—and maintain a content calendar to ensure you deliver consistent and relevant information.

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Unlike some larger agencies that push generic content, the team at Wunderkind is passionate about communicating the brand promise of their customers.

Wunderkind is a great digital marketing agency for small to medium businesses. We work with them and have had a good experience. Unlike some larger agencies that push generic content, the team at Wunderkind is passionate about communicating the brand promise of their customers. The result is fresh and relevant content that helps businesses connect with their customers in an engaging way. Highly recommended!
Ben Robertson

They are very hands on and stay up to date on what is happening at our shop.

Jan and his team at Wunderkind Marketing have made such a difference in our website content and social media presence since we started working together last August. They are very hands on and stay up to date on what is happening at our shop. We appreciate all that they do!
April Reynolds
Norm's Ski & Bike

Niina has given us lots of options to promote our event. She's so talented and creative.

Our organization hired Wunderkind Marketing to manage our social media marketing for an event this summer. It has been a pleasure working with Niina. She organized and executed our entire social media marketing effort. It's well planned out and coordinated with our other media outreach. Niina is always available when needed. We've utilized Wunderkinds' graphic design services. Niina has given us lots of options to promote our event. She's so talented and creative. 
Carole Linn