Build your business with the #1 ranked digital marketing agency in Keene, New Hampshire.

Who We Are

Wunderkind Marketing is a Digital Marketing Agency based in Keene, New Hampshire. We serve clients in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont and beyond. 

As an advertising agency, we understand businesses’ unique challenges in the digital landscape. That’s why we specialize in providing comprehensive digital marketing solutions tailored to your business needs. We want to be your marketing partner and are dedicated to developing and implementing effective strategies to drive your business’s growth and success. Whether that is a simple new website for your business or a year-long strategic marketing plan leveraging both artifical intelligence and human knowledge.

Let us help you navigate the ever-changing world of digital marketing and unlock the full potential of your business.

Trusted by Local Businesses

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Collaborate. Innovate. Create. Integrate.


Web Design

Search Engine Optimization

Graphic Design


Paid Advertising


Social Media


Digital marketing packages to reach your company goals.

We partner with our clients to support short-term goals, long-term vision, and enhance your overall marketing impact.



Engagement: Work is centered around a clear project plan, defined scope, with a project manager.

Timeline: The project has a clear start and end date.

Services: Websites, design, marketing audits, digital marketing strategy.



Engagement: Work is dedicated towards specific services that work best for your industry.

Timeline: The subscription runs on a 6-12 month contract.

Services: Website hosting, website support, Google ads, social media. 


Engagement: Work continues on a monthly basis to support your ongoing business goals.

Timeline: The services run on a 12 month contract.

Services: Copywriting, content development, website enhancements.

What makes us different

Lasting Relationships

Just like you want to have lasting relationships with customers, we want to be your partner for a long time. Here is more copy needed. A lot more copy.

We know your struggles

As a small business we know how hard it is to plan long term, think about these pesty social media posts and keep your head over water if you’re busy with the day to day.

Return on your Investment

We want to help you grow in a healthy way. Our monthly reports will give you detailed insights on your ROI.

Building a community

Building a community around your product or service is an integral part of modern day brand building. We help you craft your message as a media agency.

 Data Driven Decisions

While we like to be creative in our ideas and strategies, we execute based on a data-first approach across all marketing channels. We want measurable success and revenue for your business.

Empowering you

We don’t lock you into proprietary software or system. We are here to help you and educate you so you eventually have a system you can operate yourself to grow the revenue for your company.

What our clients have to say

See what we've accomplished for our clients

Unlike some larger agencies that push generic content, the team at Wunderkind is passionate about communicating the brand promise of their customers.

Wunderkind is a great digital marketing agency for small to medium businesses. We work with them and have had a good experience. Unlike some larger agencies that push generic content, the team at Wunderkind is passionate about communicating the brand promise of their customers. The result is fresh and relevant content that helps businesses connect with their customers in an engaging way. Highly recommended!
Ben Robertson

They are very hands on and stay up to date on what is happening at our shop.

Jan and his team at Wunderkind Marketing have made such a difference in our website content and social media presence since we started working together last August. They are very hands on and stay up to date on what is happening at our shop. We appreciate all that they do!
April Reynolds
Norm's Ski & Bike

They invest and care in the customer's story and want to make sure each company stands out.

We took a leap of faith in changing marketing agencies this year. What a fantastic decision that was! Jan and team are beyond professional. They invest and care in the customer's story and want to make sure each company stands out. Their thoughtfulness, hard work and dedication to your success is outstanding. They have incredible ideas, a motivated team, hard working, intelligent and overall invested in the success of the business they are working for. Our marketing has taken a sharp turn upwards in just the few months they have been on our account. We cannot recommend them enough. They are superb!
Melissa Register
Register Family Farm